What kind of customization do you offer?

We do customized pieces similar to those available on our site.

How much difference in price does customization cost?

Customized work additional costs range from 15% to 40% of the original price, depending on required changes. You can email us for the detail of your revision.

Is the advertised shipping price the only cost I need to pay for shipping?

No. The advertised shipping price is only the base price. There will be additional charges depending on the agreed packaging and the distance the delivery travels. Packaging can be an option of blanket wrap or packaging from PackShip USA. For PackShip, your furniture will be packaged securely using foam, then box and palletized for advanced protection.

Are these all the items in your warehouse?

Yes, and more! We have more pieces in the warehouse that are not shown here. If you are looking for a piece that is not here, please email us, and we will gladly find what you are looking for and send the picture to you. Send your email to Sales@OnlineAmishFurniture.com

Do you have a printed catalog?

We are sorry, but due to the constantly changing designs, catalogs become quickly outdated. It is difficult to catch up with the sheer number of pieces in our store inventory and various designs. However, if you have something in mind, a design or style, you can email us to send you what you are looking for.

Can you send me a stain or leather sample board?

We can send you swatches or sample boards, but we require a deposit of $25 per item. This deposit is refundable, and if you purchase, your deposit will be added to your order.

How does delivery take?

Our Amish Furniture takes between 10 – 16 weeks delivery lead time. At Amish Furniture, we value the quality of our work. Our skilled craftsmen put meticulous detail in every order of furniture. Don’t worry, it is worth the wait.