We know that you are excited to buy furniture, whether for your new or newly renovated home. But you need to take it slowly and don’t decide on impulse as you may regret it later. There are many things you should take into consideration when buying wooden furniture for your house.

At Amish Greenland, the question is no longer about durability, as we have a proven track record of using the highest quality hardwood. Nor is it about craftsmanship, as all our products are designed and constructed by experienced craftsmen and passed the quality standards.

When buying Amish furniture, you need to consider the size, color, design, and theme of the furniture. So, how do you decide if the furniture you choose is perfect for your living spaces? Here are some tips:

  • The theme of your house. Identify or decide on the theme of your home. Are you going to settle for a modern or traditional look? Contemporary or classic? If you finally decide on which you want for each living space in your house, you can now select a furniture set that goes with that theme. In doing so, your home will look coordinated, and there will be a harmony of interiors.
  • Size and shape. This is one of the most crucial parts of choosing a piece of furniture set for your house. Measuring the space where you want that set to be placed is a must. Frequently we imagine the setting of pieces of furniture in a specific spot in our house ideally, but when we put them, it does not look or feel good. It is either too small or too big in the space. The shape also matters. Your furniture should ideally fit in with the other stuff in the house like a puzzle, a perfect match.
  • Wood type. The wood type depends on your preference; there are two kinds of wood types hardwood and softwoods. Hardwood is more durable than softwood. Examples of hardwoods are oak, maple, and cherry, while softwoods are pine, cedar, and larch.
  • Stain finish. The right stain finish determines how well your furniture will blend well in the paint and texture of your walls and other furniture in your house.
  • Ask for a recommendation from the experts. Although you have the final decision, it is still helpful to ask for a recommendation as to which furniture will work well with your living space.

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