Here are a few common mistakes to give you an idea of what to avoid in designing your bedroom.

Size Mistake

Are you going to get a big bed or a small bed? The answer is it depends on the size of your bedroom space. One of the most common mistakes people commit is getting an enormous bed for their tiny bedroom. Get a bed of at least ¼ the size of your bedroom. This way, it will look proportionate with the space.

Too Many Furniture Pieces

Too much furniture competing with your attention inside the bedroom can look crowded and cluttered. Get only the ones that go well with your bed. A nice neat- looking set of stylish furniture will create an aura of elegance.

Too Many Pillows

Having too many pillows defeats the purpose of the bed. The bed is your personal space. You want to occupy as fully as you wish. However, with too many pillows, your movement will become limited. Moreover, aesthetically speaking, too many pillows will create unnecessary clutter and mess.

A Rug That Does Not match

A bedroom that is accented with a good rug creates a homey and cozy feeling. However, a rug can also ruin the design of your bedroom. First, get a rug that goes well with the theme and color of your bedroom. Dare to get a rug that is significantly bigger than your bed

Poor Lighting

Yes, light sets the mood. Having poor lighting inside your bedroom creates a gloomy feel. Install a lighting fixture that is not too bright nor too dim. There are lights that are made for bedrooms. Also, lights depend on the size of the bedroom. So, ask your appliance’s supplier for the best light that goes with your bedroom.

Overlook Bedroom

A lovely artwork adds a touch of beauty to a bedroom. But too many hanging pieces around may feel confusing. Do not overwork your bedroom with lots of décors’

Building-up Clutter

Over time, clutter begins to pile up in your bedroom until such time you no longer want to sleep in your bedroom. Do not create an opportunity for clutter to build up. Do not put chairs, ottoman, or console tables where you can put your stuff such as bags, used clothes, towels, books, etc., on them. This way, you will have no choice but to put these things where they belong, in the bathroom or inside the closet.

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