Of the places in the house, the bedroom should be the most calming and relaxing abode for you. It is a place of comfort and security. What better words to describe a good night is a night of uninterrupted and well-rested sleep. You can achieve this by having a cozy bedroom, good bed, and comfortable mattress.

At Amish Greenland, we understand how bedrooms should look and feel. That is why we will provide you with some design tips on integrating Amish furniture into your bedroom.

  • Go for light and relaxing colors. Bedrooms should be soothing and relaxing places. Choose neutral colors such as white, cream, light color palette, lavender, or light blue. If you want to integrate your favorite color, mix it with one to two neutral colors.
  • Avoid cramped and cluttered space. No matter how small your bedroom space is, you can avoid making it cramped with a bit of creativity. Do not overstuff your room. Let go of things that clutter your room. Get a cabinet or closet so that you can put your stuff inside. Do not get more pillows than you need. Two pillows and one accent pillow or stuffed animal will do.
  • Mix and match furniture. Find furniture that blends well with other pieces in your room. Do not stuff your bedroom with the same kinds of furniture. Find contrast in textures and colors. Find balance in the visual weight of your furniture. Putting a bulky bed beside a sturdy cabinet does not create balance. If you have small space, go for minimalist furniture with thinner wood and smaller built.
  • Make a balance of soft and hard touches. The bedroom, as the highlight of your room, should project balance. The bed presents an aura of softness, while the bed frame and the light stand present hardness. To avoid imbalance, you can put a carpet or curtain on the other side of your bedroom.
  • Paintings or Visual Art. To accentuate your room, get one or two visual arts of your choice.
  • Follow your personal style. Use these tips to integrate your unique style. Do not be too engrossed in following the decorating tips that you neglect your personal preference. What you are should manifest in your living space as it feels good to see your personality reflected in your living space.

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